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Know About Naturally Green Flowers

The green colour is synonymous with foliage. It brings to mind the lush greenery of a garden or the bushy green fence outside your house. You hardly associate the colour green with flowers. But do you know that green coloured flowers are also available? From small button flowers to large blooms with several petals, different varieties of green flowers are available. 

Let us look at a few of the green flowers found in nature. 

Green anthurium

Anthuriums are well-known tropical American plants with waxy flowers and foliages. Anthuriums are available in different colours, with red being the most popular variety. Green anthurium is a rare variety of the flower and comes in heart shape. The flower has a green spadix at the centre that adds to its beauty. The green colour of the leaves blends in well with the flower making it difficult to distinguish the flower from the leaves. 

Green star gladiolus

Gladiolus are plants with several flowers growing in one stem. The plant has sword-like leaves because of which they are also called ‘sword lily.’ Gladiolus is primarily found in white, rose, pink and lavender colours, besides green. Green is an unusual colour for gladiolus and comes in bright green colour. It is a beautiful flower variety and is mainly used for flower arrangements. 

Green cymbidium orchid

Cymbidium orchid or boat orchid is an evergreen flowering plant that is available in a variety of colours. The flower comes with five petals with pollinia in the centre. The green cymbidium orchid is a rare variety with green petals. Pollinia in a contrasting shade of dark red add to the beauty of the flower. This beautiful flower symbolizes purity and friendship and makes an excellent gift for your dear friend. 

Button-green flower

The button green flower, otherwise called the green button pom flower, is another variety of chrysanthemum. The flower is bright green with a unique shape. These are fast growing cut flowers that make a great addition to flower arrangements. The flower has a sweet fragrance that adds to its beauty. 

Anasthasia spider mums

Spider mums belong to the chrysanthemum family and come with spider-like long petals. The flower is available in a range of colours like pink, white, yellow and green. This flower can last for several weeks and makes a great cut flower. 

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland is an annual plant that grows in full to partial sunlight. The plant has multiple stems with a lot of blooms in one stem. The flowers bloom primarily during spring and have a pleasant smell. The colour of the flower later changes into white during summer. 

Green hydrangea

Hydrangeas mostly bloom in pink, white and purple shades, though green hydrangeas are also available. This flower blooms during summer and fall and produces several small flowers in one bunch. The plant requires full sun and part shade and is easy to cultivate in porous soil.

Naturally green flowers are a great addition to a flower bouquet as it provides a green touch naturally. You can gift flowers like green hydrangea as such without any other flowers since they provide fullness to the flower arrangement. To get flower bouquets of exotic variety flowers, visit our website. 

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