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3 Perfect Ways To Wrap Your Gift

Gift wrapping is an art. It not only augments the beauty of the gift, but also shows how much you care for the other person. A neatly wrapped gift is sure to bring a smile on the person’s face. Complete it with some bows and embellishments, it can surely capture the attention of others. 

Your aesthetic sense is all that matters when it comes to gift wrapping. You can either use a piece of cloth or paper or add some embellishments alone for beautifying the gift. Here are a few unique methods for that perfectly wrapped gift. 

Method 1 - Furoshiki style

This method of gift wrapping is based on the Japanese style of bundling goods called Furoshiki. This style make use of a square scarf slighlty larger than your gift for wrapping purpose. 
First place the scarf on a flat surface in a diagonal shape. Now place the gift on the center of the cloth. Bring two opposite sides together and tie a knot. The cloth should be securely wrapped on the box. Bring the other two corners together and make a knot. You can make this knot tight or loose as per your choice. If you make it loose you can hang the gift. 
The Furoshiki style has two advantages. Firstly, you are wrapping the gift in a unique style. Secondly, the person can use the scarf as well. 

Method 2 - Using dried leaves

Sometimes the gift itself come wrapped in a beautiful box. Wrapping it again in a gift wrapper spoils its look. In such a case you can use dry leaves for wrapping the gift.

For this method you need some twine and dried leaves. You can take dried leaves from  bouquet or get some from near your house. 

Firstly, wrap the twine four rounds around the box. Now place the dry leaves in the center and again wrap the twine. This will securely place the leaves in the center. Now tie the twine like a bow and trim it. You can insert a handwritten gift card inside the twine and complete the look. 

Method 3 - Collage method

This method can again be used on gift boxes that already comes in a beautiful box. For this method, you need beautiful cut-outs of flowers and leaves from old cards or gift wrap. This is a method of recycling old items. 

It is best to use this method on gifts that come wrapped in a solid colored box. Neatly cut out the flowers or other beautiful pictures and stick it on the box with a glue. You can stick it either on the center or the corner of a box as per your aesthetic sense. 

All the three methods can be used for wrapping gifts of any shape and size. However, the last two methods would look best in box shaped gifts. This makes the dried leaves and collage clearly visible. 

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