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6 Creative Ways To Organise A Wedding Event

Wedding is a memorable event in everyone’s life. And you want to make it as memorable as possible. Though weddings are mostly planned by event planners, you would want to provide a personal touch to it. Some creative way of decorating or welcoming the guests can go a long way in adding that unique touch to your wedding.

Here are some creative ways you can organise a wedding event. 

Go creative with cake topper

If cake is a part of your wedding celebration, you can go for a uniquely designed cake topper for that creative touch. For a beach wedding, a topper in the shape of a shell or coconut tree provides that unique touch. 

Go for a local touch in cuisine

If you have guests coming from far away place, it would be a good idea to include local cuisine in the menu. This provides an opportuntiy for guests to try out new dishes. 

Go creative with tableware

Tables are normally decorated with plates and centerpieces. Instead, of normal plates, you can select tableware based on the theme. For eg; in case of a tropical style wedding, you can think of cutlery with palm leaf design. For an antique theme, an antique tile inspired plate can do the trick. 

Go creative with wedding favours

Wedding favours are normally packed and handed over to the guests at the time of leaving. Instead of providing packed goodies, you can let the guests pick what they want. It can be a bowl of fruits, indoor plants, or a basket of goodies which they can personally select. 

Add a touch of fun in seating

Instead of the same old chair you can customise the seating to blend with the theme. For a nature inspired wedding theme you can go for tree stumps with comfortable cushion as seating. In case of coastal wedding, attach coastal accessories like shell to the seat. 

Fun facts about couples

Guests are always curious to know intimate details of the bride and groom. You can share some fun facts like where they met, who proposed first etc with the guests. This can be printed in the paper napkin or given along with wedding favour. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Organising A Wedding Event

  • You should always start with a budget in mind. This ensures that you do not spend more on wedding preparation. 

  • Once the budget is fixed you should decide on the wedding venue. The theme and guest list can be prepared according to the venue. 

  • Create a checklist of the things to be done. This ensures that you do not miss out on anything important. 

  • Always keep quality in mind while purchasing and organising things. 

  • Unless you are hiring an event planner, you should seek the help of family and friends for organising the event.  

  • There are several wedding planning apps available online. You can make use of these resources to plan the event. 

  • Create a wedding website and social media hashtag to share all news about the wedding with the guests. 

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