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Best Flowers Your Father Will Appreciate On Father's Day 2022

Come Father’s day, the first thought in your mind is what to gift your father. Flowers are the perfect choice if you are unsure of what to gift. The bright and vibrant hue of flowers and its sweet fragrance, is sure to captivate your fathers heart. It’s delicate petals reminds him of the tender emotions he has towards you. 

Here we present some beautiful flowers that you can consider for gifting. 


Rose is considered the official flower of father’s day. This flower was selected by Sonora Smart Dodd, the founder of father’s day. In some countries, father’s even wear roses on this day to signify fatherhood. While red roses are gifted to a father who is still alive, white roses signify a father who passed away. 


The beautiful white and yellow color of daisy and its captivating look makes them a perfect choice for father’s day gifting. Since daisies are small to medium size, a bunch of daisies would make a great option. You can either go for a daisy bouquet or a bunch of daisies in a flower vase. 


Orchids are exotic flowers that are available in a range of colours. From white to purple and pink, you can choose orchids of any color. Though orchid bouquets are available, they are best gifted as indoor plants. 


The bright yellow and brown hue of the sunflower signifies happiness. Since the flower is known for its faithful dedication to sun, it also signifies good fortune. A bouquet of sunflower makes a great gift for father’s day. 

If you think flowers are too feminine to gift your father, you can consider gifting plant bouquet. Your father can place the bouquet in his office desk or home office or just about anywhere he wants. A few of the plant bouquet you can consider are


These are miniature versions of large plants that can adorn any space. You can select from beautiful Japanese maple, Bodhi tree or Jade. 

Cactus plant

Cactus plant in a variety of shapes and patterns are now available in the market. This makes another great father’s day gift. Bunny ears cactus, barrel cactus, and moon cactus are a few varieties you can consider for gifting. 

What Are The Tips For Selecting Father's Day Flowers?

  • Always select flowers with a natural looking and masculine touch. Flowers with thick stems and not so delicate petals are perfect for father’s day gifting. 

  • You should also avoid flowers with pastel shade like light pink and purple. 

  • Provide flowers in a structured style like in a bouquet. 

  • Consider going for a single color rather than a mix of colors for the bouquet. 

  • Select flowers that are easy to maintain and long lasting.


Selecting fathers day flowers is quite an easy task nowadays. There are several online stores that deliver father’s day flowers right at your doorstep. All you need to do is place your order online. Fresh and beautiful flowers will be delivered in any part of the UAE as per your requirement. 

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