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Celebration Ideas for Every Birthday

When you were young, birthday celebrations were fun and enjoyable. But as you grow old you realise that birthday parties are more of a burden. Planning and executing everything on our own can be difficult. You want to celebrate it, yet do not want to feel overburdened. Unless it is a milestone birthday, you do not want to take the pain of organising a birthday.

Here are some birthday celebration ideas that are less taxing and offers more fun. 

Plan a day at a spa

Spas are not just for physical detoxification. It is more of a mental destresser. Relaxing a day in the spa with you dear friends or partner can be quite relaxing. You can try out massage, facial, mud bath or any other detoxifying or relaxing treatment  as per your choice. 

Dine out

Cooking and organising a party can be a stress. But want about dining out with your dear friend or partner? There is no better way to relax. You can choose from an Arabic, Continental, Chinese, or Indian restaurant as per your choice. 

Go shopping

Do you want to grab that latest collection in the fashion store or get the latest edition of your favorite book? Your birthday is the time to splurge on these favorite things. Take a friend along while out shopping. It can be even more fun. 

Go for staycation

Staycation is the latest trend in tourism where you spend time in a nearby hotel. Select a place with a bar and a restaurant so that you can spend more time relaxing. 

Go for a movie night 

Are you someone who enjoy a movie? Then a movie night with friends is another great option. If you do not like heading to a movie hall, you can organise a movie night at home. Grab some boxes of popcorns and some yummy snacks, and you are all set. 

Go for a concert

If you enjoy concerts and shows, it would be a great idea to head for one. From music and dance to magic shows, there are several interesting programs you can enjoy. 

Enjoy your favorite treat

Do you like indulging in some sweet treat? Your birthday is the time to satiate your cravings. You can choose from chocolate cookies, to macaroons and exotic cakes and enjoy your birthday. 

Donate to charity

Not everyone enjoy celebrating on their birthday. If you want to keep it a low key affair and want to do something for the society, you can donate to charity. Donation can be made in cash or kind as per your choice. 

Head to a bowling alley

Bowling alleys are not just for kids, its for adults as well. Some bowling alleys even serve food and cocktail which you can enjoy while enjoying a game of bowling. 

Go for a makeover

Why not treat yourself to a complete beauty makeover on the special day? Spend some time in the salon trying out a new makeup and hair style. Your friends are sure to be taken aback by your new look. 

Birthdays need not be dull and boring. There are several creative ways you can celebrate the day. Do you have any new idea to share with us? Please let us know.

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