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Check Out 5 Spectacular Flowers And Their Deep Meaning

Flowers come in different colours and varieties. While some are bright and bold, others have a pastel shade with a soothing effect. Every flower has its own meaning. From love to friendship and passion, the meaning of each flower varies. Thus, understanding the deep meaning of flowers is very important before gifting them. 

The significance of flower meanings gained popularity even during the 1800’s. During the Victorian era, people gave flowers to convey certain messages. If a flower was handed over using the right hand, it meant “yes.” If it is the left hand it meant ‘no.’ Though each flower had its own meaning, it kept on changing over time. 

Let us have a look at a few of the popular flowers at its meaning. 


When you think of the flower rose, the first thought that comes to your mind is red rose. It is well-known that red roses symbolise love and romance. But do you know that each colour of rose has its own meaning? While a yellow rose stands for friendship, an orange rose symbolises joy. White rose denotes purity and innocence. This is the main reason why white roses are used in bridal bouquets. 


Hydrangeas are flowers that are available in a range of colours from pink to purple and blue. This flower represents grace and gratitude. It also symbolise abundance owing to the large number of flowers in one stem. The peculiarity of hydrangea is that you can use it in all types of functions. While a floral arrangement of hydrangea can be gifted for wedding or birthday, it can also be gifted as a memorial bouquet. 


Lilies are generally considered the flower of purity. However, like roses, the meaning of lilies also changes based on the color. Pink is the color of femininity. Pink lilies represent love, admiration and gentleness and makes a great gift for your mom or a female friend. White lily stands for purity and innocence. White lilies are also sent as an accompaniment to a sympathy card or a condolence message. 


Tulips is the flower of perfect love. A bouquet of red tulips makes a perfect gift for someone you love. However, the meaning of the flower changes with its color. A purple tulip stands for royalty, while a yellow tulip signifies sunshine or happiness. Variegated tulips can be gifted to someone with beautiful eyes. 


Orchids are exotic flowers that represent love and beauty. Though roses are widely gifted to express love, orchids are a class higher and considered rich and extravagant. Pink orchids represents innocence and happiness. White stands for purity and elegance while purple stands for dignity and respect. 

Which flower to gift is purely a personal choice. However, having a good understanding of the meaning of different types of flowers helps you make a fast decision. If you are planning to buy a mixed flower bouquet, you can choose a combination of flowers depending on the message that you want to convey. 

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