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Flowers from Hello Blooms for gifting and decorating during the month of December

December season flowers for gifting and decoration from Hello Blooms

Another wonderful year is coming to an end. If you are a home decor enthusiast, this is the time when you decorate your home to bring the season’s spirit. December season flowers are in high demand during this time of the year. Whether for gifting someone during Christmas or decorating your home in the season’s theme, December season flowers are widely used. 

Holly and narcissus are considered December season flowers as they are widely available in Western countries during this time of the year. However, in Dubai, these flowers are not readily available. Thus, the flowers that go with the season's colour are considered December flowers. 

Which are the beautiful December flowers Dubai from Helloblooms?

As mentioned earlier, December Flowers Dubai carries the colours of the season. As December is all about Christmas, flowers in Christmas colours like red, white and green are considered December Flowers Dubai.

  • 12 white roses

This is a simple bouquet of twelve roses you can gift to someone. It also makes an ideal decor piece for your sidewalk. The peculiarity of this bouquet is that it symbolises the purity and innocence for which Christmas stands for. 

  • 6 red roses

This simple yet beautiful bunch of red roses make excellent Love Flowers. The red roses amidst the green foliage make them an excellent decor piece for Christmas. 

  • Daisy bouquet

This beautiful bouquet of daisies makes a stunning arrangement for your sidetable. The bouquet is available in original, deluxe and grande sizes. Thus, you can select one depending on your budget. 

  • 50 red roses

This is a bouquet of Luxury flowers. This bouquet with a bunch of fifty red roses makes an ideal decor piece for a large table. 

  • White hydrangea bouquet

A bunch of hydrangeas with delicate petals and pure white shade makes another great December Flowers Dubai. These flowers are also ideal for gifting or home decor. 

  • Rose garden

The rose garden is a bouquet of 25 red roses that makes excellent Birthday flowers. You can also use it as a centre table decor piece to bring in the season's colour. 

What are the most popular flowers in December?

  • Calla lilies

Calla lilies are semi-evergreen perennials with tubular-shaped flowers. These December flowers bloom in various colours like white, pink, lavender and dark maroon. Because of the tubular structure of the flowers, they need tall vases for display, like the one used for orchids.  

  • Carnation

Carnation or clove pink are perennial plants with greyish-green leaves. They usually bloom as a bunch. These December Flowers are subtly scented and come in various colours like white, pink, and red. 

  • Marigold

Marigolds are December flowers that are native to Mexico. They are available in several colours like yellow, orange and white. A bunch of marigolds, along with Indoor plants like Bonsai, make a stunning decor piece. 

  • Petunia

Petunias are flowers of South American origin. They are available in several colours like red, pink, white and purple. They also bloom in dual shades like purple and white. Though petunias are not used for making flower bouquet the plant makes a good decor piece for the balcony. 



In Dubai, the December season is all about gifting. It starts with the UAE national day and ends with Christmas decor and celebration. If you are particular about decorating your home as per the festive season, these December season flowers are a must-have. They bring in the season's true colour and flavour without spending much. 

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