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Florist's Day Is Around The Corner! Check Out 5 Interesting Facts About It

Flowers are the best gift you can give to any person. A florist does a wonderful job of selecting and arranging the most exquisite flowers and converting them into beautiful bouquets. To thank the florists and appreciate their work, the florist’s day is celebrated on July 24th every year. 

Observing the florist’s day is a tradition that is followed in Russia. There is no official status for this day. It is mainly celebrated to acknowledge the work of the florists. 

It is believed that the profession of the florists started in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used to decorate the temples, palaces and noble houses with beautiful flowers and herbs. The Greeks were engaged in weaving wreaths and making beautiful flower arrangements. Floral ornaments were also part of certain architectural styles. 

The concept of giving bouquets first started in France and gradually spread all over Europe. The bouquet was designed primarily for women focusing on their beauty and love. In modern times, floral bouquets are one of the best and most exquisite pieces of gifts you can give, irrespective of the occasion. A vase decorated with flowers also makes a beautiful décor piece for tables. 

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Florist's Day?

  1. Florists day started in 2009: On July 24th 2009, the Florists Union of Russia developed certain qualifications for the florists, which were later approved. Hence this day is celebrated as florists day. 

  2. It involves the exhibition of their work: Florist's day is an opportunity for florists to exhibit their work. This helps them to attract potential customers. 

  3. No official status to the day: Florist's day has no official status. It is mainly celebrated to appreciate the excellent work of the florists. 

  4. No holiday: Since florists day does not have official status, it is not a holiday for florists. Instead, it is an opportunity for them to showcase their work. 

  5. Celebrated only in Russia: The florist's day does not have any official recognition worldwide. This day is celebrated only in Russia. 

In today’s world, floristry is not just a profession. The florists put their heart and soul into creating exquisite floral arrangements and bouquets. Each piece of the floral arrangement is a unique creation that conveys a whole lot of emotions. This is what makes the job of a  florist stand out.

Hello Blooms wishes all the florists in the world a wonderful florists day! We also convey a big THANK YOU for all the hard work you have put forward. 

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