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Hello Blooms Reader Special: 5 Great Gifting Ideas To Surprise Anyone

Surprising someone is fun. Whether it is on their birthday, anniversary or just about any day, a surprise gift will bring a sweet smile to their face. The same is the feeling when you receive a surprise gift from someone. 

But what to gift is a question which you might ponder upon. There should be something unique about the gift you provide that adds to the surprise element. Here are some gifting ideas that you can try out to surprise your dear one. 

Gifting Ideas To Surprise Anyone

Personalised jewelry

Personalised jewelry with their name written on it makes a great surprise gift for any person. If the jewelry is too small to write the name, you can go for initials instead of names. Pendant and ring make great jewelry for personalising. 

Personalised self-care box

Through self-care box you are giving them them the gift of wellness and relaxation. Instead of picking a ready-to-use box, you can go for personalised box with body lotion, face mask, scrub and perfume. 

Succulents and plants

For that dearest friend who loves decorating their home with greens, succulents and plants make a great choice. Indoor plants and succulents bring the outdoor garden in and helps create a calming atmosphere indoors. 

Subscription box

Your surprise gift need not be restricted to one time. You can go for a monthly subscription box like personal care box, home décor box, or food subscription box.

Art and craft kit

For those who have a penchant for art and craft, the art and craft kit would make a great gift option. You can choose from mandala painting, die cutting/embossing or crafting essential kit. 

What Are The Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Surprise Gift?

  • Keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the person before purchasing a gift. 

  • Research and explore a wide range of gifting options before selecting a gift. 

  • Always remove the price tag before gifting. 

  • The gift should be appropriate for the occasion. If the gifting does not coincide with any occasion, you can go for something trendy. 

  • Gift the present on time. If it is a birthday or anniversary make sure that the gifts are delivered on the right day. 

  • Always add a personal touch to the gift. It can be in the form of a personal note, or a handcrafted product or a unique gift wrap. 

  • If you are purchasing the gift online, you should check the online review before purchasing the same. 

  • Always count on the quality of the gift rather than quantity. 

  • Wrap the present in a unique way so that the person cannot guess what is inside. This adds to the surprise factor. 


A gift can be presented anytime irrespective of the occasion. If you want to share your happiness with someone, the best way to do so is by providing a surprise gift. Surprise gifts are always special as the person being gifted least expected the same. This can add to the value of the gift. 

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