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Here Are 3 Ways To Take Care Of Sunflowers

The word sunflower reminds you of the bright yellow flower with a brown center. But do you know that sunflowers also come in other colours like orange, red and maroon? Yes, sunflowers are daisy-like flowers that come in a range of colours, though yellow is the most common type.

Sunflower takes around 85-90 days to grow to its full size. Once grown, it can grow to a height of 16 feet. Smaller varieties of sunflowers are also available that can grow up to a foot tall. 

The peculiarity of the sunflower is that it is a heliotropic plant. This means the flower faces the sun as it moves from east to west. Once the sun sets, it slowly turns towards the east, ready to face the sun again. But this feature is mostly seen in small sunflowers. As the flower grows and the stem becomes more sturdy, it faces the east direction. 

There are different varieties of sunflowers available in the market. But it is best to go for one with a single stem that towers above other plants in the garden. This provides a bright and striking look in the garden. 

How To Take Care Of Sunflowers?


When the plant is small it is best to water around the root zone. But as the plant grows, you should water deeply. This helps in deep rooting. This is particularly important before, during and after flowering when the plant requires regular watering. During the intermittent period, the plant can tolerate without water. But make sure that you water the plant only when the soil gets dry. This helps to prevent root rot. 


Nitrogen is the most important fertiliser required for sunflower. Nitrogen-rich fertiliser contributes to the overall plant growth. A slow-release granular fertiliser is the best to encourage blooming. You can dilute the fertiliser in water and feed the plant. However, too much fertiliser can inhibit the plant growth. Thus, you should be very careful while fertilising sunflower. 


Sunlight is very important for the healthy growth of the plant. Always plant sunflower in location with direct sunlight. The plant should get a minimum of 6-8 hours of direct sunlight. The more the better. 

What Are The Other Things To Consider To Care For Sunflower?

  • Sunflowers are large flowers. Thus, the stems are prone to breaking because of the weight. It is best to provide support to the plant by tying it to a stake with twine or cloth. It is best to plant near a building or a fence to protect it from strong wind. 

  • Leave plenty of space between the flowers so that they can grow well. 

  • Use well-draining soil so that water does not pool after a rain. The soil should also be rich in organic matter. 

  • You should cover sunflower seedlings with basket or net so that birds do not destroy it.

Sunflowers are a beautiful addition to any garden. Through proper care and maintenance you can make the flowers look more attractive and vibrant.

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