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Is Your Friends Birthday Nearby? Let's Plan Ahead Together

An incredible birthday! That’s what you want to provide your dearest friend. But sometimes, planning a birthday bash can be a herculean task. Things may not move as planned, and you will have difficulty putting everything together. 

Planning ahead of time is the best way to make the birthday memorable. This way you can ensure that nothing is left out and everything moves as planned. 

How To Plan A Friend’s Birthday?

Decide on the budget

Whether you are conducting the party on your own or pooling with other friends, you should have a clear budget in mind. This helps you to decide on all aspects of the celebration. 

Decide a theme

A theme provides a unique touch to the birthday. You can select colour or destination as a theme and plan all activities around that theme. For eg; a Hawaiian birthday can have Hawaiian costume and Hawaiian food. 

Select the location

The first thing to consider is whether you want to throw the party in someone’s home or an outside location. If it is an outside location you should book it well ahead of time. 

Decide on the date

Though birthday parties are meant to be celebrated on the birthday it may not be feasible all the time. It is best to celebrate on a weekend when most of the people are free. 

Order the food

Next decide on what type of food you want to serve. If you have selected a theme for the party, the food should also blend with the theme. You should consider the preference of all the friends before deciding on the menu. 

Decide on décor style

A party is incomplete without decoration. You should decide on how to decorate the venue. Tablecloth, centerpiece, balloon and other décor items should be purchased depending on the décor style. 

Decide on the games

What makes a party so special are the fun games that you play together. The games that you select should be appropriate to your age. If there are friends of different age groups make sure that it caters to everyone's interest. 

Decide on the music

If you want to play music in the background decide whether to hire a disc jockey or play using a smartphone and speaker. 

How Long Should A Birthday Party Be?

Ideally, the birthday party should last for four hours. This provide enough time for all to have a merry time dancing, playing and having food. If it is an adults party you can start late, so that the celebration can continue well into the night. 

The duration of the party should neither be too short that you feel the party is over soon nor should it be too long that you lose your energy level. 

How To Ensure You Have Fun At The Party?

Conducting a party can be a herculean task. You are more likely to miss out on the fun element if you are too involved with the party. To ensure that you have fun at the party delegate the task to others. This way you can ensure that all work will be done on time, and at the same time, you get to enjoy the party.

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