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Learn About Money Plants and How to Take Care of Them

A variety of plants are available in the market for home décor. But one plant that never goes out of style is the money plant. Whether you want to decorate the living room, bedroom or kitchen, money plants are a perfect choice. 

A combination of money plants with beautiful vases can accentuate the beauty of any room. Whether it is a contemporary style or an eclectic one, money plants would fit well. 

All About Money Plant

Money plant is one of the easy to grow plant varieties. The plant comes with heart-shaped leaves with a plain or variegated surface. There are different varieties of money plants available, of which the Pothos is the most commonly found one. 

The money plant is considered the plant of money and good wealth. This makes it one of the most popular indoor plants. Besides being a plant of good fortune, the money plant also purifies indoor air and removes toxins and other harmful chemicals. 

How To Take Care Of Money Plant?

The money plant is an easy to grow plant that thrives indoors and outdoors. As long as you provide the right amount of water and nutrients, the plant can grow thick and fresh. 


Money plant requires partial sunlight for their healthy growth. Thus, you should keep the plant in a place where it gets partial shade and partial sunlight. You should never expose the plant to scorching sun as it can burn the leaves. 


The peculiarity of a money plant is that it does not require daily watering. You need to water the plant only when the soil is completely dry. But, at the same time, you should not allow the soil to crack up. Watering the plant once in 7-10 days is sufficient during the summer season. During the winter season, you can mist the leaves once a week and water the plant once every 2-3 weeks. You should never overwater the plant as it can result in root rot. 


Money plant requires well-drained soil for their healthy growth. Potting soil with high perlite content is ideal for plant growth. You can also use a mixture of river sand and regular potting soil for planting. 


Though commercial fertilisers are available in the market, home-based fertilisers like eggshell mixture, cow dung, banana peel and tea are best for money plants. Fertilising once a month during evening hours is ideal. 

The peculiarity of money plants is that you can keep them in both soil and water. If you are keeping the plant in water, you should take note of the following

  • You should keep one node of the plant below the water. This promotes growth. 
  • Select a location where the plant can receive sunlight during the day. 
  • You should change the water once every three days. 
  • If grown in water, the plant does not require fertiliser. 

Money plants are an excellently addition to your interior. It brings wealth and happiness and is a symbol of good fortune. Besides, it also purifies indoor air and removes all toxins and harsh chemicals. Take good care of your money plant and convert your interior into a green oasis. 

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