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Make Your Backyard Full Of Joy With These 7 Ideas

Winter in the UAE is all about outdoor activities. From going for picnic to lounging in your garden, you can enjoy the nature to the full. If you have a backyard with enough space, you can convert the same into an interesting lounging area. With the right type of furniture and accessories, you can convert the backyard from a boring and neglected place to a relaxing hub.

Here are some brilliant ideas to make your backyard full of joy. 

  • Build a gazebo: If you want to use the backyard throughout the year, building a gazebo is a great idea. You can place outdoor furniture and convert the backyard into a beautiful lounging area. 
  • Grow kitchen garden: If you are more into gardening, you can grow a beautiful kitchen garden in the backyard. You can grow vegetables like beans, tomatoes and spinach, as well as herbs like basil and cilantro in the backyard garden. 
  • Add water features: Do you want to provide a cool feel to your backyard? Adding water features is a great idea. You can go for a mini fountain or other outdoor water features like a bird bath, splash pad or a mini waterfall. 
  • Build a trampoline: Is exercise and fun on top of your mind? Then building a trampoline in the backyard is a great idea. You can go for kids or adults trampoline depending on your requirement. 
  • Convert into gaming zone: If you host a lot of parties, you can convert the backyard into a fun gaming area. You can go for pool table or foosball table in the backyard depending on your requirement. 
  • Build a swimming pool: Who dosent like having a dip in the pool, especially during the hot summer months? Your backyard is the right place to build a mini swimming pool. If you have enough space you can even go for lounge chairs. 
  • Landscape the area: If you want lush greenery in your backyard, landscaping the area is the perfect choice. You can seek the help of a landscape designer and convert the area into a beautiful scenic spot. 

What Are The Things To Consider While Designing A Backyard?

While designing a backyard you should consider the below factors so that you get the desired result

  • The first thing to consider is the purpose and use of the backyard. Are you going to use it for lounging or are your planning to host parties in the area?
  • Who will be using the space? Should the space be kid and pet friendly? Or only adults will use the space?
  • Which are the shady and sunny areas of the backyard?
  • If you are planning to grow a vegetable garden what is the type of soil in the backyard and what are the planting zones. 
  • If you are planning on landscaping work, you should consider the interior and exterior style of the house. 

Taking into consideration all these factors ensure that you get the right backyard as per your requirement. 

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