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Summer is Here - Our Favorite Tips to Make It Full of Flowers

Summer is here. This means hot and humid weather in the UAE from June to September. Growing plants and taking care of flowers can be a hard task around this time of the year. Though we can protect ourselves by staying indoors, it may not be possible with plants. Then how do you look after plants during the hot summer season? Here are some interesting tips. 

How To Make Your Garden Full Of Flowers During Summer?

Select the plants wisely.

Because of the peculiarity of the UAE weather, not all plants grow well in this region. Thus, you should select the plants that can withstand the summer heat of the UAE. Frangipani is a great option. With its pure white bloom and sweet fragrance, a frangipani is a great choice for your garden. 

Another option is the bougainvillea. They are available in various colours and can be grown as a fencing plant or as a potted one. Mixing bougainvillea of different colours is a great way to pep up your garden. Besides, you can also plant tropical hibiscus that blooms throughout the season. 

Water the plants well.

Watering the plants is another great tip to withstand the hot summer months. Because of the excessive heat, water tends to evaporate faster. Thus, deep watering is crucial during this time of the year. You can check the soil for moisture content before watering. It is best to water the plants during the early morning. This helps the water run deep, and the plants can absorb the moisture well. If the plant is drying too fast, you can water it in the evening as well once the sun sets. 

Add organic matter to the soil.

The presence of organic matter in the soil helps retain the moisture and withstand hot weather conditions. Garden soil should have 5% - 9% of organic matter for plants to grow well. This helps plant to withstand the drought like weather that is commonly found in this part of the world. 

Use mulch to cover soil

Mulch is a layer that is applied to the top of the soil to retain its moisture. You can use straw, shredded leaves and grass clipping as mulch for the soil. 2-4 inch layer of mulch is enough to provide adequate protection to the plant. If too much mulch is added only very less quantity of water reaches the soil as the mulch absorbs a lot of water. 

Provide shade

Shade can protect plant from extreme heat. If you do not have natural shade in your garden, you can consider going for artificial shade like long strip of canvas. Latticework screens and pergola can add to the aesthetics of the garden. If you are going for artificial shading make sure that the plants get enough sunlight, but at the same time, protection from the scorching rays. 
Just because the UAE is a desert country does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful garden. Through proper care and maintenance, you can grow a beautiful garden with vibrant flowers even during summer season. 

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