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Bonsai in Grey Ceramic Pot Bonsai in Grey Ceramic Pot
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Bonsai in Grey Ceramic...

AED 225.00

Bonsai in Cement Pot Bonsai in Cement Pot
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Bonsai in Cement Pot

AED 200.00

Tahiti Bonsai Tahiti Bonsai
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Tahiti Bonsai

AED 100.00

Gold Bonsai Gold Bonsai
  • image/svg+xml

Gold Bonsai

AED 295.00

Bonsai Tray Bonsai Tray
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Bonsai Tray

AED 235.00

Add a living art to your interiors with bonsai plants Dubai

Bonsais are miniature versions of trees that can provide a stunning look to your interiors. Bonsai plants Dubai creates a peaceful and zen corner that can change the overall look of your room. Besides, bonsai plants Dubai purify indoor air and create a calm and serene atmosphere. Different types of bonsai plants are available, which you can select based on your taste and preference. 

Though you can easily procure bonsai plants online, you should give proper care to prolong their life. Otherwise, the plant will wither off, leaving you with just the stump. 

Positioning: When you buy bonsai plants online, you should first check whether they are indoor or outdoor plants. In the case of outdoor plants, you should expose them to the outdoor elements just like the regular tree. Indoor plants are primarily subtropical plants that grow in pots and vases Dubai. You should provide a stable temperature for such plants throughout the year.  

Watering: The primary cause of bonsai trees dying early is underwatering. Since bonsai plants online have shallow soil, they tend to dry off fast. Thus, you should water the plant as soon as the top layer is dry. 

Pruning: To keep bonsai tree for sale Dubai compact and in shape, you should prune them regularly. Besides, pruning the tree also encourages new growth. 

Several shops offer bonsai tree for sale near me. However, proper care is essential to maintain the health and shape of the plant. 

We offer different types of bonsai plants same-day delivery. 

Formal upright style: This type of bonsai plants delivery grow straight and upright and will have a tapered shape from the base to the top. The length of the branches and the distance between them decreases as you go up. 

Informal upright style: This type of bonsai also grows upright, but it will not be straight. It resembles trees influenced by nature's furies, like storms and wind. The trunk will be curved or leaning towards a side, with branches sagging down. 

Slanting style: This type of tree will be slanting and resemble trees found in nature that are affected by nature's fury. This type of bonsai has a strong root system on one side that can support the entire tree's weight. 

Cascade style: In this type of Bonsai Plants Same Day Delivery, the branches cascade down and fall below the base of the plant. This type of bonsai should be displayed on a stand so the branches can grow. This also provides a perfect view. 

Bonsais require the right type of pot for their healthy growth. Here are a few things to consider while selecting a bonsai pot. 

Size: The pot size should be large enough to allow the roots to grow freely. Whether to change the pot while repotting depends on the type of tree, its age and whether you want the tree to grow bigger. If you select a large pot, you can leave more gap in between watering as the pot can hold more water. 

Style: Bonsai Plants Delivery Dubai should always mimic the natural environment. If the tree is upright, you can select a low-profile pot. For a slanting tree or one with cascading effect, you should provide a slice of the landscape for a natural feel. 

Length: The length of the pot should be 2/3rd the height of the bonsai plants delivery Dubai. However, if the height is shorter than the width, the length of the pot should be 2/3rd the spread of the width. When it comes to the width of the pot, it should be narrower than the spread of the most extended branch.