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About Us

About Us

Hello Blooms is more than an online flower shop.

When you take the time to select a bouquet, you are trusting us to make someone happy with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. 

We believe the experience of sending flowers should be as much fun for you, as it should be for the recipient. That's why we'll do whatever it takes to make your recipient happy – no matter what!

We offer an outstanding range of flowers, a team of highly experienced florists, and passion to make every floral arrangement a work of art.

Quality Flowers Direct from Suppliers

We source the highest quality, freshest flowers. Our flowers spend minimum time on the shelf and are stored in optimal, temperature controlled environments, to ensure fresh flowers and a happy smile each time. Additionally, we ensure that the supply chain is handled with the utmost care and with the best practices known to the Horticultural industry. 

Our flowers typically last about 5 days, depending on the quality of care delivered by the recipient. We guarantee freshness! 

We Know Flowers

Every flower has a meaning that goes beyond color and aroma. From the history of each flower to its symbolic meaning and healing properties - we know it all. Our team of expert florists are knowledgeable, professional, and ensure that your flower order is treated with love. 

Celebrations Should Be Fun, Not Stressful

We believe that flowers should deliver big smiles without big prices. We do not hide hidden charges or markups Each purchase of flowers clearly shows the final price you will be charged. 

We offer a range of flexible delivery options including our awesome ‘Express Delivery’ in 2 hours*, Same-Day delivery and next-day delivery across the Dubai and the rest of the UAE so those important gifts are received on-time with a big smile.  For more information delivery options, please visit our FAQ page here.

Hello Blooms – Delivering the art of nature.

Make Life Happier !

Easy, Fast, Affordable Celebrations with Same-day Delivery
Orange Orchid Plant in Olive Green Pot Orange Orchid Plant in Olive Green Pot
  • image/svg+xml

Orange Orchid Plant in...

AED 240.00

Elegant Purity Bouquet Elegant Purity Bouquet
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

Elegant Purity Bouquet

AED 320.00

Pink Emotions Bouquet Pink Emotions Bouquet
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

Pink Emotions Bouquet

AED 295.00

Orange Rose Florist - 800 Flower Orange Rose Florist - 800 Flower
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

12 Orange Roses

AED 175.00

10 hot pink roses - 800 flower 10 hot pink roses - 800 flower
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

10 Hot Pink Roses...

AED 2.00

Blue Hydrangea Bouquet Blue Hydrangea Bouquet
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

Blue Hydrangea Bouquet

AED 265.00

Vivid Youth Box Arrangement Vivid Youth Box Arrangement
  • image/svg+xml

Vivid Youth Box Arrangement

AED 285.00

Pink Butterflies Bouquet Pink Butterflies Bouquet
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

Pink Butterflies Bouquet

AED 310.00

12 White Roses 12 White Roses
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

12 White Roses

AED 185.00

Daisy Bouquet Daisy Bouquet
  • image/svg+xml
  • image/svg+xml

Daisy Bouquet

AED 180.00