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Discovering the Symbolism Behind March's Birth Flower

What is the march birth flower, and what does it symbolise?

Did you know that each month has its own special birth flower? These birth flowers symbolise something that to close to the basic nature of the person born on that month. If you or someone close to you was born in March, you would want to know what is march birth flower.

This post dives into the meaning and symbolism behind the March birth flower (flowers). What are the different colours and patterns in which the march birth flower is available, and what does each flower stands for?  

What is the meaning and symbolism of march birth flowers?

Those born between February 19th and March 20th belongs to the pisces star sign. Sensitivity and empathy are the basic characteristic of those born during this time. In addition, pisceans are also artistically gifted and imaginative. 

Daffodil is considered the birth flower of pisces. By unlike other star signs, pisces has several birth flowers.

  • Daffodil - Prosperity and good luck is what daffodils stand for. It also signifies a new beginning. Daffodils bloom in the spring, and it symbolises the birth of the compassionate spirit of the Piscine. It is believed that just like daffodil flowers, Pisceans come alive with renewed energy during this time of the year.
  • Violet - Violets is another variety of spring flower that symbolises gratefulness and modesty. Violet in colour, the flower is soothing, like the gentle nature of the Pisceans.
  • Orchid - Grace, femininity and fertility are what orchids stand for. Orchids are available in white and pink shades. White orchids stand for innocence and purity, and the pink ones symbolise love and femininity, which is typically the characteristic of Piscean.
  • Water lily - Grace, beauty and divinity are the hallmark of water lilies. In addition, both Piscean and water lilies have a common element, ie water.

You should include any of the above flowers in the bouquet if you are Buying Flower Dubai for a Piscean. If you cannot gift Flower Dubai personally, you can always order Flower delivery Dubai from an online store.

Celebrate your March Birthday and make it extra special with Daffodils

The daffodils symbolise new beginnings and life, making it the perfect pick for your Piscean pal. Though daffodils are mostly seen in yellow colour, they are also available in other shades like white, and orange. Thus you can choose one which complements the style and personality of your loved one.

If you cannot be personally present on your dear ones birthday, then surprise them with Birthday Flowers Dubai containing daffodils. You can also gift daffodils as Love Flowers or Luxury Flowers along with indoor plants like bonsai and potted flowers like orchids. 


March is all about growth and renewal, and the birth flower provides you with a tender reminder of this journey. Giving someone a gift with their birth flower as part of it is sure to bring a smile to their face.

March brings happiness, the gift of life, and moments of joy, signified by the birth flower for this month: Daffodil. Let this vibrant bloom fill your heart with peace and contentment throughout the coming year. Allow its cheerful presence to provide you with cheer and positivity amidst an otherwise dreary winter day.Make sure your loved one knows how lucky you are to have them in your life every single day!

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