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Dubai Food Festival 2023: A Complete Guide

Dubai food festival 2023 - All you need to know about it

Are you ready for three days of delicious, vibrant and cultural food experiences? Get your taste buds tingling and your stomachs rumbling with the upcoming Dubai Food Festival 2023! 

Whether exploring traditional Emirati cuisine or indulging in global cuisines, there's something to satisfy every craving. From celebrity chef demos to special culinary events – Dubai Food Festival 2023 is one event that no foodie should miss. Read on to learn more about the history of the Dubai Food Festival 2023, and the top attractions of the festival. 

Food festival UAE - When and where will it be held in 2023?

If you are a foodie, the Food Festival UAE is worth visiting. This year, the 10th edition of the food festival will be held from 28th April to 7th May 2023. 

The peculiarity of Food Festival UAE is that restaurants all over Dubai participate in it. However, there are certain crowd-pullers of the Food Festival UAE. The top attractions will be the culinary delight offered by high-end restaurants in Downtown Dubai and Burj Al Arab. Besides, you can also enjoy the seaside treats at Jumeirah beach. 

The decoration is another highlight of the festival. All restaurants participating in the festival will be decked up with beautiful Flower Dubai to welcome guests. The food festival makes the right venue if you want to gift a culinary experience to a dear one. Whether an anniversary or birthday celebration, the food festival makes the perfect venue to celebrate the special day. 

To celebrate the special day of a dear one, you can also gift them beautiful bouquets along with taking them to the fest. But Buying Flowers Dubai can be difficult for some. If you can, then order Flower Delivery Dubai and get it delivered to your dear one.  

Dubai food festival 2023 - The highlights and attractions

Every event will have some highlights that make it attractive to the guests. Dubai Food Festival 2023 also has some unique attractions to woo the guests. Here are the highlights of Dubai Food Festival 2023. 

Dubai restaurant week

This is a week dedicated to restaurants in Dubai. You can see participation from well-known restaurants in the Emirate, like Toro Toro, Al Nafoorah, Bella and Bread Street kitchen. These restaurants will offer their signature dishes and bespoke menu to the visitors.  

Visitors to these restaurants can choose between two-course lunches or three-course dinners.

However, not all can visit the Dubai Food Festival 2023 for practical reasons. If you are one such person, you can take a virtual tour of the restaurant and get to know it inside out.  

My hidden gems competition

There is no count on the number of restaurants in Dubai. You will find one in every nook and corner. To provide a better reach to these restaurants and boost their sales, a competition by the name "My Hidden Gems" is hosted on social media. People can visit these restaurants, make a reel or video of food items, and post it on social media. The only condition is that the food should not cost more than AED 100. The restaurant with the maximum votes will be declared the winner. 

The Dubai food festival is the best hangout place if you are celebrating something special. You can buy 100 red roses, flower pink rose or luxury flowers from Florist Dubai, and gift them to a dear one besides offering a gastronomical treat. 


The Dubai Food Festival offers many culinary options for visitors and residents alike. This allows them to experience something truly unique from all over the world. It gives tourists and residents of Dubai an alternative form of entertainment that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank. With so much to eat and numerous events to choose from, this festival truly offers something for everyone. 

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