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How to Prolong the Life of Your Sunflower Bouquet

How to take care of a sunflower bouquet so that it stays fresh?

A flower bouquet is a wonderful decor piece for any celebration. They add a special touch to any surroundings. Whether used for wedding decorations or as birthday presents, they provide a beautiful touch. No wonder Florist Near Me stocks up on different varieties of flowers for various occasions. 

Flowers need to be handled carefully so that they stay fresh. The flowers eventually wilt away without proper care. Therefore, the florist near me recommends taking proper care of flowers. This ensures that they remain fresh like how they are kept by a Florist Near Me.

How should a sunflower bouquet be cared for to make it last for a long?

When you receive a sunflower bouquet covered in plastic, you should take it off immediately. This ensures that the flower can breathe properly.

  • Provide proper light - Cut flowers can be quickly destroyed by intense direct sunlight. As a precaution, you should store it somewhere out of direct sunlight. This holds true for all bouquets, including a sunflower bouquet. Likewise, you should protect it from a heat source, a cold breeze, and other fruits and plants because ethylene gas can harm flowers.
  • Cut the stem - Through their stalk, flowers take in water. The stem should be cut at a 45-degree angle about an inch from the bottom a few days after you buy the sunflower bouquet. This provides more surface area for the stem to absorb water. This prolongs the flower's freshness. Use a sharp knife when you cut a flower stem. As much as possible, stay away from scissors because they can break the stem. Broken stems can prevent water from being consumed and let bacteria enter it.
  • Change water regularly - Bacteria can grow and flourish in water. As a result, you should regularly change the water. You should also remove any leaves that may be in the water as they might decompose and contaminate the water. Additionally, decomposing vegetation can clog stems, promote microbial growth, and taint water.
  • Replace stale flowers - You need to remove the blooms from the bunch once they have withered. This keeps other blooms in good condition. Old flowers can also contaminate water and promote the growth of microorganisms. You can use a smaller vase as the flower gets smaller.

The peculiarity of a sunflower bouquet is that you can use it as Birthday flowers, Luxury flowers or Love Flowers.

How to take care of a flower bouquet for wedding?

Here are some tips to follow to take care of a Flower Bouquet for a Wedding.

  • Clean the vase thoroughly - Your flower bouquet for wedding should be kept in a tidy, clean vase. It has to be properly cleaned with soap and water. Additionally, be sure to thoroughly clean the vase of any soap residue. The interior of a transparent glass vase can be seen clearly, making it the ideal choice.
  • Give flower food - Giving flower food can prolong the freshness of the flower bouquet for wedding. You can make flower food at home or buy it from flower stores. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar, and half a teaspoon of bleach in the water to make flower food. Lemon juice's citric acid helps keep the stems open, while sugar gives the plant food. Bleach is used to rid water of any fungi or germs. You can follow the above tips to take care of any type of flowers including orchids. However, indoor plants like bonsai requires a totally different caring method.


Sunflowers make a great decor piece for all occasions, including wedding. However, proper care of the flower is very important to ensure that it stays fresh. To purchase beautiful flowers for your wedding or any other occasion, visit 

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