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Mother's Day in UAE 2023: Celebrations and Traditions

When is Mother's day in UAE in 2023, and how is it celebrated?

If you moved to the UAE recently, you might be doubtful as to when is Mother's Day is celebrated in the country. Is Mother's Day observed similarly to other nations? Or does the UAE celebrate Mother's Day in a particular way? Here is the answer to your question.

In the UAE, when is Mother's Day celebrated? Mother's Day is observed on March 21 in the UAE. Not only in the UAE but also in other Arab nations, March 21 is observed as Mother's Day. This day closely corresponds with Mother's Day in the UK, which is observed on March 19.

Mother's Day is an important day for everyone and is observed in various ways nationwide. Most often, flowers are given as gifts, such as a bunch of roses or a bouquet of lilies. You might give your mother birthday flowers Dubai if her birthday falls around this time of year. There are unique flowers for newborn baby girl and boys for new mothers.

Therefore, if you're wondering when is Mother's Day in the United Arab Emirates, the date is March 21.

How to celebrate Mother's day in Dubai in 2023 in a unique way?

Mother's Day in Dubai is a special moment for all. Usually, kids and adults gather to enjoy the day and express their gratitude for everything their mothers do for them. Mothers receive luxury flowers and presents as a token of love and appreciation. To celebrate the day, special meals are also made.

In today's hectic world, it might be impossible for everyone to spend time with their mother on Mother's day in Dubai. You should go out and dine together or possibly go on an excursion or day trip together. You might also just relax and enjoy each other's company at home. Despite the arrangements, the emphasis should be on spending time together and showing mothers that you value them.

On Mother's Day in Dubai, gifts are usually given to moms as a sign of affection and appreciation. Flowers are a common option since they represent beauty and life. If your mother prefers flower pink rose, you can get them for her. Or you can buy 100 red roses to show how much you love her. Other interesting gifts you can give your mother include jewellery, clothing, and perfume. Whatever the gift, every mother who receives it will undoubtedly be touched by it.

Mother's Day in Dubai is a day to honour mothers and everything they do for their families. Children can express their love and gratitude on this day and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.


Mother's Day celebrations in the UAE are a wonderful chance to show your mother how much you appreciate and adore her. It is the perfect chance for families to show their appreciation for the mother figure in their life by participating in enjoyable activities, enjoying special treats, and giving meaningful gifts.

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