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7 Corporate Gifting Trends That will Amaze Your Co-workers

Corporate gifting is a trend observed in all sectors. These are gifts given to employees, clients, vendors, and customers of a business. Corporate gifting is a way to show how much the company cares for and values its corporate relations. According to Forbes, sales negotiations become more effective if they start with gifting.  

However, what to gift the employees and clients is a perplexing question. The decision becomes even more difficult considering the several corporate gift options available in the market. 

Let us look at a few of the corporate gifting trends to amaze your coworkers. 


Stationery continues to be the most popular corporate gift. Though most corporate works have gone digital, companies still prefer gifting stationery as they are the most sophisticated gifting option. A few of the stationery products worth gifting are calendars, planners, pens, and smartphone holders. 

Customised gift

Customised gifts are unique and make them stand out from the rest. It has exclusivity that brings so much joy to the person receiving it. The best way to customise the gift is to engrave the employees' names or the company’s logo in the gift. You can provide coffee mugs, T-shirts, and bottles as customised gifts. 

Self care kit

Employees put in a lot of effort for the company. Then why not care for their overall wellbeing? A self care kit would be a great gifting option for employees who put in hours for the company. A self care kit can include essential oil and scented candles for a soothing effect as well as body scrub and face mask for a flawless body. 

Food hampers

Chocolate, cookies and sweets are the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of food hamper. In addition, you can also gift salty and savory items like nuts, and chips. A gourmet food hamper with exotic fruits, best quality cheese and wine also makes a great corporate gift. 

Décor items

Decoration is a part of home and office. As such, decor items make another great gifting option. Indoor plants are the best decor item you can gift. From bamboo planters to easy to care plants like pothos you can choose from a wide variety of indoor plants. 

Digital gift card

Covid times have seen a spike in digital transactions. As a result, digital gift cards have gained a lot of popularity. The main advantage of a digital gift card is that the employee can select the gift based on their preference. 

Tech gadget

Tech gadgets are in high demand in todays digital world. From smart watches to portable speaker and airpods, gadgets are gaining a lot of popularity. The main advantage of gadgets is that different types of gadgets in different price ranges are available for gifting. 

Corporate gifting is all about caring for the employees. They feel happy and cared for when they receive gift from the employer. Whether it is Ramadan, New year, Diwali or any other celebration corporate gifts are the number one choice for employers. 

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