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Send the nicest Valentine's Day flowers to your loved one to show them how much you care.

Convey your love to your dear one with the best Valentine's day flower

Fragrance can add to the beauty of romance. Add a sweet note to your love life this Valentine’s day with a beautiful Valentine's day flower. The sweet scent of flowers and their charming and alluring look can take your romance to a new level. 

Flower shops in Dubai stock up on Valentine's day flower of different types and varieties. From simple and beautiful roses to exotic varieties like tulips, you can choose from a variety of Valentine's day flower.

What flowers should you get for Valentine's Day 2023?

If you want to get valentines day flowers for your dear ones, there are different varieties to choose from. 

  • Rose

The rose is undoubtedly the number one choice for Love Flowers. Red roses are considered the symbol of love. Depending on your budget, you can gift a small bunch or a large bouquet of red roses. Besides red roses, you can also get valentines day flowers like pink, yellow or orange roses. 

  • Lily

With their beautiful look and pattern, the lilies make another great Valentine's day gift. You can give pink, white or yellow lilies, depending on your choice. Lilies also make great birthday flowers that you can gift your loved one. 


  • Orchids

Orchids are luxury flowers that make a perfect choice as a Valentine's day gift. You can either purchase a bouquet with orchids and other flowers or a potted orchid plant. Potted plants are a good choice for those who love indoor plants. 

  • Tulips

If you want to get valentines day flowers that are exotic, tulips are a perfect choice. The cup-shaped bloom of the flower and the myriads of shades in which they are available make tulips a perfect Valentine's day gift. 


Best Valentine flowers Dubai for Valentine’s day 2023 from 

  • 6 red roses


These simple and beautiful Valentine flowers Dubai make a perfect gift for your lover. Since red roses symbolise love and passion, this is the best way to convey your emotion to your loved one. 


  • Adoring heartfelt bouquet


This is a stunning bouquet of dark pink and light pink roses and other filler flowers. The dark green foliage adds to the beauty of this Valentine flowers Dubai.

  • The Yasmin bouquet


This is a bunch of rose bouquets with roses in pink, lavender and off-white shades. Since this is a colourful bouquet without a dash of greenery, it would look good with indoor plants like bonsai. 

  • Any letter love box


This is a heart-shaped box arrangement with red roses. The highlight of the arrangement is the letter in the centre, designed with white roses. This is a customisable box arrangement where you can arrange the white flowers in any letter. Thus, it makes perfect Valentine flowers Dubai.


  • White orchid with glass vase and moss


This is a vase arrangement with beautiful white orchids. The clear glass vase along with the mosses, accentuates the beauty of this vase arrangement. 

  • Mother of pearl rose box


The mother of pearl rose box comes with mother-of-pearl roses in a salmon pink shade. A pink satin ribbon is tied to the white box to add to the beauty of the arrangement. 

  • Nadia grand bouquet


As the name stands for, this is a grand arrangement of mixed flowers. The bouquet has beautiful mother-of-pearl roses, Kahala roses, tiara roses, and other filler flowers.  


Flowers are an integral part of Valentine's day celebrations. Gifting flowers, especially roses, is the best way to convey your emotions. Along with flowers, you can also gift indoor plants, cakes, cookies, and even a teddy bear as Valentine's day gift. 


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