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Choose indoor flowering plants to tidy up and enhance your home's décor.

Buy indoor flowering plants to freshen up and beautify your interior

Indoor Flowering Plants are a perfect choice for those who want to add a green touch to the interior. Indoor Flowering Plants add a natural look and brighten up your interior with beautiful blooms. The stark contrast between the bright shade of flowers and the beautiful green of the foliage makes most Indoor Flowering Plants stand out. 

Which are the best indoor plants with flowers suited for home decor?

  • Hydrangea

  • Hydrangeas are generally considered outdoor plants. But you can also grow it as indoor plants with flower. Hydrangeas are native to Asia and America and grow in various colours like pink, blue, white, and purple. Hydrangeas make perfect Birthday flowers or love flowers and are generally used for making flower bouquets. While growing hydrangea indoors, keep it in a cool and bright area, so it grows healthy. 

  • African violets

  • African violet is another variety of Indoor Plants with Flower native to tropical eastern Africa. They are mainly grown as indoor plants in North America. This flower is available in different shades like white, pink and purple. The plant requires bright, indirect light for its healthy growth. 

  • Hibiscus

  • Though hibiscus grows outdoors as a shrub, you can also grow it indoors on the balcony. However, the plant needs bright light for its healthy growth. Thus, keep it in an area with a lot of sunlight. Hibiscus is available in various colours like red, pink, yellow, orange and white. 


  • Peace lily

  • This is another excellent indoor luxury flower with shiny green leaves and spoon-shaped white flowers. Most peace lilies are grown as indoor plants though they grow outdoors as well. If you are growing the plant on a balcony, make sure to plant them in a shady area where bright direct sunlight is not available. The soil should be slightly moist for the plant to grow healthy. 


    Which are the best indoor small plants from Helloblooms?

    Indoor small plants, both with and without flowers, can add a refreshing look to your indoors. Here are some beautiful indoor plants from Helloblooms

  • Zanzibar plant in vase

  • Zanzibar plants, or ZZ plants, are tropical perennial plants that are native to East Africa. These indoor small plants are known for their shiny, bright green leaves that add a green touch to your indoors. Zanzibar plants are easy to grow indoor small plants requiring very little water for survival. 

    This beautiful Zanzibar plant is potted in a beautiful ceramic vase in grey shade. It makes an ideal side table decor. 


  • Anthurium plant in gray ceramic pot

  • Anthurium is a variety of small indoor plants native to the Americas. The plant has heart-shaped leaves and flowers with a spike in the centre, adding to its beauty. Anthurium is available in different colours like red, pink, white and green. The flower has a glossy finish that accentuates its look. Anthuriums are Luxury flowers that make them a perfect indoor flowering plant. 

  • Orange orchid in vase

  • When you think of indoor plants, the first flower that comes to mind is orchids. These flowers belong to the Orchidaceae family and come in different colours and fragrances. Though white and pink are the most popular orchid colours, they are also available in shades like purple, yellow and orange. 

    This beautiful metal pot arrangement of orange orchids makes a great side table decor. 

    In addition to the above, you can also use indoor plants like bonsai to add a great touch to your indoors. 



    Indoor flowering plants are the best way to freshen up and beautify your interior. These plants cleanse the indoor air and help create a zen corner in your home. For the best variety of indoor flower plants, browse our collection of indoor plants. 

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