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Thanksgiving bouquets from a Dubai florist

Thanksgiving flowers from Florist Dubai

Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is a time to thank friends and family for all the wonderful things they have done for you. It is a time to express gratitude and show how much you care and love them. The florist Dubai stock up on various flowers to gift on this special day. 

Thanksgiving is not only about gifts. It is also about decorating the home with the season's theme. The flowers from florist Dubai are artistically arranged to bring in the season's flavour. Whether it is simple roses or exotic lilies, florist Dubai ensures that flowers are fresh and elegant. 

Which is the best flower delivery Dubai Marina for Thanksgiving?

Flower shops that offer flower delivery Dubai Marina have exclusive deals for Thanksgiving. This ensures that customers can pick up the right flowers that go with the season’s theme. Here are a few flowers from flower delivery Dubai Marina that you can use for Thanksgiving decor. 

  • 12 orange roses

If you are looking for a simple decoration for thanksgiving, this beautiful bouquet of 12 orange roses would be a perfect choice. You can place it on the side table as a bunch or place the flowers separately in small vases. 

  • Pomona bouquet

The perfect combination of dark orange, peach and off-white make the Pomona bouquet an ideal choice for Thanksgiving decoration. You can place the bouquet as a centre decor on either the dining or the coffee table. 

The Pomona bouquet also makes perfect birthday flowers. 

  • Elegant purity bouquet

The Elegant purity bouquet has 15 Mikoto roses beautifully arranged with eucalyptus leaves. This bouquet makes a beautiful side table decor. You can also gift this bouquet as love flowers

  • The magnificent box

This is a box of luxury flowers that comes with a bunch of 12 Kahala roses. The light orange shade of the roses and the greenish-yellow tint of the leaves stand out against the black colour of the box. This is one of the best Thanksgiving collections from shops offering Flower Delivery Dubai Marina.

What are the things to consider when you buy flowers Dubai?

Flowers are the first choice when you decorate your house for Thanksgiving. Here are certain things you should consider when you buy flowers Dubai. 

  • Petals

The first thing to consider when you buy flowers Dubai is their petals. The petals should be bright and vibrant without any spots or discolouration. If there is any discolouration, it is an indication that the flower is not fresh. 

  • Stems

The stem should be bright and wet, indicating the flower's freshness. Once you buy flowers Dubai, you should cut the stem at an angle before placing them in water. This lets the flower absorb more water, keeping them fresh for a long.

  • Colour

The colour of the flower matters, at least on some occasions. When decorating your home for Thanksgiving, it is best to go for orange-coloured flowers as they create a warm and cosy feel. To add a touch of brightness, you can go for indoor plants like bonsai. 

  • Vase

If you purchase flowers for home decor, you should consider the vase you have. If the vase is tall, you should go for flowers with long stems like tulips. In the case of box pots, flowers like orchids are a great option. 


Thanksgiving is a Western celebration. But thanks to a large expat population, Thanksgiving is now being celebrated in Dubai as well. Friends and families get together, exchange gifts and have a sumptuous feast. To welcome the guests and set the right mood, flowers play a crucial role. By carefully selecting flowers that resonate with the season’s theme, you can set the right ambience for Thanksgiving. 

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