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Here is How to Choose the Best Flower for Any Occasion

Flowers are one of the best gifts you can provide, irrespective of the occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or a festival, a flower bouquet is the first thought that comes to your mind. 

Though there are different types of flowers available in the market, you should select the flower carefully, based on the occasion. While some flowers are synonymous with certain celebrations, some may not be ideal for gifting.

How To Choose Flowers For Any Occasion?

Valentine’s day

Bunch of red roses

Valentine’s day is all about love. Red roses that symbolise love and passion are the flowers of the day. The best gift for this occasion is a bunch of red roses arranged in between bright green eucalyptus. To complete the look, you can tie the flowers with a red satin ribbon. 


Sunrise Delight

What flower to gift for a birthday depends on your relationship with the person. Geraniums are a good choice for true friends. Pink carnations can be gifted to show gratitude. If you want to express love, red chrysanthemums will make a good choice. 

New born

Basket of Love

Newborn floral bouquets are all about congratulating the parents. Soothing and calming colors like white, light pink, light blue and yellow are gifted for newborns. Pink and white roses makes a great gift for a baby girl. Blue hydrangea and purple rose makes a great floral bouquet for a baby boy. For twin babies, you can choose mixed flower bouquets. 


White flowers are the best for congratulating whatever the occasion may be. You can provide white roses, white lilies or white chrysanthemums as per your choice. The purity of white and its graceful appearance make white flowers the best choice as a congratulatory gift. 

Thank you flowers

Basket of Gratitude

Gifting flowers is the best way to show your gratitude to someone. This not only makes the other person happy, but also feel valued. A bouquet with multi-colored flowers would make a great thank you gift. An orange colored bouquet also makes a great gifting option. 

Get well soon flowers

White Purity Bouquet

Gifting fresh flowers is a great way to brighten up a sick person. It shows how much you care for them. While selecting get well soon flowers, make sure that they stay fresh for long. A sick person may not be able to care for flowers. Thus, long-lasting flowers like orchids, sunflowers and lilies are a great option. 


These are occasions where you share the grief with the other person. Gentle and pastel-shaded flowers are apt for such occasions as bright colored flowers are more about joy and happiness. Flowers like white orchids, lilies and chrysanthemums make great sympathy flowers. 


A flower, be it a simple flower like a lily or an exotic flower like a tulip, makes a great gift for any occasion. The main consideration should be xto gift the right flower for the right occasion. Online flower shops provide all types of flowers for different occasions. All you have to do is to place the order online. The flower will be delivered to the right location in no time. 

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