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Today's Highlight: Get to Know These Irresistible Fragrant Flowers

Floral fragrance has a special effect on all. It creates a refreshed and renewed feel and improves your mood. Floral fragrance helps fight stress and depression and induce sleep. Your emotional and physical health can be improved to a great extent by using the right floral fragrance. 

Because of the various benefits that floral fragrance offers, it is a good idea to grow such flowers in your garden or balcony. Let us have a look at a few of the beautiful fragrant flowers that you can grow in your garden. 


Jasmine is available in yellowish cream colour and has a sweet and overpowering smell. Because of this reason, it is used to make essential oil and perfume and also in aromatherapy treatment. 


Rose is the king of all flowers. They are available in a range of varieties and colours like red, pink, yellow, orange and white. But not all varieties of roses have fragrance. Thus, if you are specific about fragrant variety, you should go for hybrid varieties like honey perfume, Boscobel, and Calire Austin. 

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is a beautiful flower with exotic smell. Because of this reason it is widely used for making perfumes. It comes in a soft yellow colour that changes to a beige shade. 


Peonies come in different colours like red, pink, purple and yellow. The flower has a sweet fragrance that resembles a mix of jasmine and rose. Peonies are used for making essential oil that is used in candles, perfumes and air fresheners. 

Tube rose

Tube rose is a long flower with waxy petals that come in white, pink and yellow colours. It has an overpowering smell because of which it is widely used for making perfumes. The flowers are used as such or combined with other fragrant flowers for making perfume. 


Frangipani or plumeria are beautiful flowers with fleshy leaves. They are available in red, pink, white and yellow colours. The flower has a tropical smell that becomes intense during night. This intense smell make it a great choice for making perfumes. 

Scented primrose

The scented primrose is an English flower that is available in yellow, white, blue and rose shades. The flower has a citrus smell and is used for making essential oil. 

Lily of the valley

This is a bell-shaped flower with a sweet smell and is used for making perfume. It is white in color and grows mainly in cold temperate climates. 


If you are looking for a flower that can emanate its smell throughout the garden, Gardenia is the perfect choice. This flower grows in both cold and tropical climates and closely resembles roses. 

A beautiful garden with fragrant flowers is a treat to the eyes and nose. It provides a refreshing and rejuvenating feel to your outdoors and converts it into an ideal place for relaxation. 

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