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Top 5 Flowers That Bloom In June

June is summer season in the UAE. The scorching sun and unbearable heat makes it difficult to grow flowering plants in this region. But do not worry as there are some plants that can survive the hot and sultry weather of the country. Through proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that these plants bloom throughout the summer season. 

Here are some flowering plants that can survive the summer months of the UAE.


Plumeria, with its beautiful pink, white and red flowers, is a treat to the eyes. This plant has good tolerance to summer heat and can survive the drought-like condition in the region. Even if the soil quality is low you can easily grow the plant. Plumeria can be grown from stem cutting or from seeds. Plumeria grows as a shrub or a small tree. Thus, it makes a beautiful plant in the corner of the garden. 

Purple heart

Purple heart is a native to Mexico and can survive the hot season of the UAE. Since it is a tender perennial, you should give some shade to the plant during the peak summer season. The flowers are purple in color and makes a great contrast to flowers of lighter shade. Since it is a trailing plant, it makes a great groundcover for the garden. You can also plant it in hanging basket as the downtrailing stems provide a stunning view. 

Woman’s tongue tree

Woman’s tongue or Albizia Lebbeck is a deciduous tree that grows in tropical region. The tree has white fragrant flowers with long stamen. The drought resistance characteristic of the tree makes it a great option for hot regions like the UAE. Since the tree grows to around 30 meters high with a thick trunk, it makes a great addition to the corner of the garden. The tree has long pods with 6-12 seeds that rattle in the wind. 

Vinca flower

The Vinca flower, with its white, pink, and purple variations is a gardener’s delight. The plant can survive the humid conditions and grows well in direct sunlight. The flower has an eye in the center that comes in a contrasting color. This adds to the beauty and unique nature of the flower. The glossy dark green leaves and bright flowers make the vinca plant a great addition to your garden. 

Yellow trumpet flower

As the name suggests, this flower is in the shape of a trumpet. The flowers bloom in clusters and make a great addition to your garden. The plant has mild tolerance to heat. But still it grows well in direct sunlight. This plant normally grows as a small tree with multiple stems. The plant can best be propogated through cutting instead of seeds. 

Flowers provide a beautiful sight to your garden and make it stand out. Because of the hot climate of the region, not all flowering plants can survive in the UAE. Thus, carefully selecting plants that can bear the hot weather conditions is very important. This ensures that you will have a vibrant and lively garden.

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